Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2004 Ford Crown Victoria in Deltacham Livery

I know it's been a while since my lat post, I've been caught up in other projects lately. So anyways, I found this in my archives yesterday, and as you can see it's a Crown Vic—one of my favorite cars in the world. Second only to the Lincoln Town Car—done up in the Deltacham Corporate Security livery.

There's an interesting story behind the image, considering I can't do (or couldn't back then) 3D modeling. The idea to convert the images to a usable texture file hit me when I was playing an awesome Cop Mod for the Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was the closest thing I could get to seeing an actual 3D representation of what the livery might look like. The best part was, it was GTA, so this car worked. The lights on the top and the in the grill are done in Photoshop, mainly for effect. I can't remember the name of the author that meshed up the car, but I'll have a look on the laptop and add his name later.

So yeah, short post, more of a novelty post than an actual design post.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Corporate Safety Vehicle Liveries

Here's a few images of some safety vehicle liveries for a future project I'm working on. From left to right, safety cars (security car, escort vehicle, fire safety car, and a medical response car), two on site box van units (medevac unit (ambulance), and a fire unit), the image to the right shows corporate administered public use units in more 'traditional colors' (an ambulance and a fire department unit). The basic color scheme of the corporate units differ from public units primarily so they can be identified as private use vehicles, although they are recognizable as an ambulance, a fire unit, and so on in the event that the public fleet needs supplementing during an emergency. Finally, the long wheelbase vehicles including a mobile command center, a triage unit which is essentially a small mobile hospital, a HazMat unit and a fire control appliance.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Sorry I've been absent since the New Year. I've been really busy with a ton of projects, notably (to Star Trek® fans) the shiny new LCARS 47 Development Blog. I figured that I'd move all the posts relating to LCARS to their own domain.
Anyways. I hope your new year is going great.

Monday, December 19, 2011

theVAULT • Featured Image: Roadside Snow

It's Christmas week, so I thought that this week's feature from theVault should be something snowy. You know the drill, it's available for free download and use on your blog or website.

Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

LCARS 47 Version 6 Update

I'm about 30% into completing version 6, so I'm gonna take a moment to outline a few new features.
  • Custom Starship Name
    • You can now set a custom name in LCARS 47, which will display throughout the Apps
    • LCARS 47 version 5 will also be updated to reflect the changes.
    • The default name is "USS Champagne" in tribute to naval traditions, and the opening of Star Trek: Generations.
  • Custom Registry
    • As with the custom name, you can also set the registry (the default is NCC-79850).
  • Starship Class Plugins
    • You can download separate starship class schematics which will be displayed throughout the apps. Each plugin will overwrite any existing starship class schematic previously installed.
    • Starship classes available are;
      • Akira Class
      • Defiant Class
      • Galaxy Class
      • Intrepid Class
      • Nebula Class
      • Nova Class
      • Prometheus Class, and
      • Sovereign Class (above)
    • More starship classes will be released in time.
  • Federation Database (below)
    • After the release of version 6.0, data packs will be released, adding an array of new information in succession from the Federation database. Planned data modules are;
      • Federation law, directives, orders and treaties
      • Starship schematics
      • Historical data, and
      • Cartographic data
There's also a ton of new easter eggs, hidden secrets, and surprises.

That pretty much covers everything. Thanks to Stefan Blakemore for convincing me to add the schematics options. Just a note, there are no details on the release date, due to fluctuating development time, just check back or, visit

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I understand the usefulness of copyright, I really do. In fact I list it among one of the most useful ██████ in the world. But lately, it's been usurped by governments and corporations to impose censorship.

Using file torrents, for example, we all ████ it's illegal to download pirated software, movies, TV shows... or is it? Short answer: No.

Provided you have ██████████ licensing, you can download whatever the ████ you like. That's a fact. Another fact is that this freedom has been abused, and now corporations and governments are using this █████ to impose censorship upon us. ISPs are actively bandwidth throttling torrent ███████ as it is, imagine how censorship would affect your Internet experience. 

That's all fine, but what about freedom of information, free speech, free expression? When do those get considered? Probably when you have ████ money than Hollywood. It's about the buck. 

What can you do about it? Call your government. Write letters. Make them listen.

Happy C****rship Day

Monday, December 12, 2011

theVAULT • Featured Image: Lanes

A long exposure shot of oncoming traffic from a highway bridge is this week's feature. As usual, it's available for free download and use on your blog or website.