Sunday, December 18, 2011

LCARS 47 Version 6 Update

I'm about 30% into completing version 6, so I'm gonna take a moment to outline a few new features.
  • Custom Starship Name
    • You can now set a custom name in LCARS 47, which will display throughout the Apps
    • LCARS 47 version 5 will also be updated to reflect the changes.
    • The default name is "USS Champagne" in tribute to naval traditions, and the opening of Star Trek: Generations.
  • Custom Registry
    • As with the custom name, you can also set the registry (the default is NCC-79850).
  • Starship Class Plugins
    • You can download separate starship class schematics which will be displayed throughout the apps. Each plugin will overwrite any existing starship class schematic previously installed.
    • Starship classes available are;
      • Akira Class
      • Defiant Class
      • Galaxy Class
      • Intrepid Class
      • Nebula Class
      • Nova Class
      • Prometheus Class, and
      • Sovereign Class (above)
    • More starship classes will be released in time.
  • Federation Database (below)
    • After the release of version 6.0, data packs will be released, adding an array of new information in succession from the Federation database. Planned data modules are;
      • Federation law, directives, orders and treaties
      • Starship schematics
      • Historical data, and
      • Cartographic data
There's also a ton of new easter eggs, hidden secrets, and surprises.

That pretty much covers everything. Thanks to Stefan Blakemore for convincing me to add the schematics options. Just a note, there are no details on the release date, due to fluctuating development time, just check back or, visit


  1. I love this. Please keep it up. I have converted my Windows 7 desktop to the LCARS look using a few available programs (including yours) and I FREEKIN' LOVE IT.

    Kudos to you all

  2. I'm glad you like it. Hopefully Windows Phone 7 will support Flash in the future, then I can get to work on some little apps. Don't worry, they'll be free. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm moving the project blog over to it's own dev blog. I won't be posting any more LCARS stuff here, unless it's a big update.