Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Corporate Safety Vehicle Liveries

Here's a few images of some safety vehicle liveries for a future project I'm working on. From left to right, safety cars (security car, escort vehicle, fire safety car, and a medical response car), two on site box van units (medevac unit (ambulance), and a fire unit), the image to the right shows corporate administered public use units in more 'traditional colors' (an ambulance and a fire department unit). The basic color scheme of the corporate units differ from public units primarily so they can be identified as private use vehicles, although they are recognizable as an ambulance, a fire unit, and so on in the event that the public fleet needs supplementing during an emergency. Finally, the long wheelbase vehicles including a mobile command center, a triage unit which is essentially a small mobile hospital, a HazMat unit and a fire control appliance.

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